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Inga Wilkens (b. 1987) is a painter living and working between Hamburg and Mallorca.

Originally from a small artist village named Fischerhude in Northern Germany, art was all around her when she grew up. Fascinated from an early age by Impressionism and the aesthetic values of Zen, her intuitive use of color and arresting play with shadow strives for simplicity and lucidity. Her oil and acrylic paintings hover towards abstraction and minimalism, yet breathe the clean air and convey the meditative silence stemming from a deeply felt connection with nature. Her works evoke the earthliness of colors or the proximity of a clear night sky, a sense of freedom one only finds in the essence of things. Inga does not so much pre-compose her paintings; she rather creates them intuitively, as spontaneous reactions to the present moment. Her practice values process and embraces the chaotic, yet always maintains a compositional centeredness that never makes her works feel out of balance.


Bildteppiche – The tapestries are the result of a collaboration with experienced artisans from the Atlas Mountains.
The knotting of Berber carpets has been practiced there for centuries. The rugs were made by members of the Anou cooperative. This is an award-winning collective of more than 600 artisans from all over Morocco. The Anou cooperative is owned and managed by its members.



Tel.: +49(0) 177.584.2547

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